Monday, 11 May 2015

First dystopian wars miniature finished

My plan for 2015 was, along with hunting down every big hat era chaos dwarf (task completed) and hobgoblin (current obsession), to paint my Russian coalition fleet for dystopian wars.

This project has commenced with the completion of the below cruiser.  Painting white has always been a challenge but I think I have found the right mix of white and rust I was looking for with these dudes.

I have only had one game and after 20 odd years of yougoigo games workshop gaming I am having to learn a different kind of rules.  I really enjoyed my first game with the Russian coalition fleet of short range weapons with super thick armour plating making their way across the waves like a hulking elephant.  This game is going to get really addictive with a price range that demonstrates how out of touch GW is with its pricing.

Anyway I thoroughly recommend this game for something different.