Friday, 27 April 2018

Army Showcase - Infernal Dwarfs

For the first time ever I have finally catalogued my entire painted Infernal Dwarf army.

I started collecting this army over twenty years ago and some of these dudes are on their second paint job.

The army consists of:

Lord on great bull
Sorcerer on lammasu
Lord on foot
2 hobgoblin heros on wolves
Hobgoblin hero on foot
Sorcerer on foot
Hero on foot

19 warriors with Flint locks
30 warriors with blunderbuss
24 warriors with great weapons 
24 hobgoblin cut throats 
30 warriors with great weapons
50 hobgoblins with bows 
2 ogre unit fillers

11 wolf riders
11 wolf riders
10 Taurukh 
8 Taurukh Annointed
Gunnery team

Hobgoblin bolt thrower
Hellcannon / bound daemon 
Infernal engine with deth Rolla
Infernal engine with shrapnel guns
2 death rockets
Earthshaker cannon 
Titan mortar 
Volcano cannon 
Kadim Titan

Dodgy iPad pics to follow

Infernal engine and citadel guard with flintlock axe

Finally finished my second infernal engine. You can find pictures of my first with its custom death Rolla here.

This miniature is one of Forge World's finest so is a worthy edition to my favourite miniature collection.

In game terms I have only used the steam hammer version so am looking forward to my next game where I will see how the shrapnel guns go.

What made this mini easier to paint was a strong undercoat of a copper from tamaya that combined nicely with the Hashut copper (main colour) with mithrill silver (highlights) and a flesh wash I use.

Next up is another of the zonk miniatures that I have converted to be a citadel guard armed with a flintlock axe.

The halberd is from the tomb King chariot.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Onion head Warrior B finished

I have finally finished painting up this recast known as onion head Warrior B.

The original Warrior A and B (using both hands to hold their axes) had as far as I am aware a pretty short shelf life so it's fair to say most of them floating around are recasts of the originals. 

The Warriors A and B tend to go for some over the top prices these days so my advice is be patient and don't pay more than $10 per mini.

Anyway, I was very lucky to get my hands on old onion head for a reasonable price and am very happy how he has turned out.

Warrior A and B were a little shorter than the original Perry brother's chaos dwarfs as demonstrated below. Despite their shorter size they break up for the mono pose of the other axe dudes in units.