Thursday, 11 June 2015

First flames of war game

With GW declaring war on its most loyal WFB fans I have started looking at other games to spend my hobby times and dollars.
Next up is flames of war. Thanks to dystopian wars painting little dudes no longer puts me off as much as it did in the past.
My first game was a blast with me using Germans with my buddy lethal lee using Italians against those dirty filthy colonial Australians of Troy's with the gavinator bringing the British light brigade in the form of light to medium tanks.
Although I had no idea of the rules I ended up kind of getting the hang of them whilst having a blast by the time we finished/ declared victory.
The good news is the bad guys (lee and I) blasted the good guys away and even held the post game determined strategic village in the centre of the board.  
Excellent game and cash willing I plan on getting some of the little dudes myself. I will start a New Zealand force as any game that has a Maori specific Haka rule is alright by me.
The Germans on the right with the left flank protected by the massed medium tanks of the Italians.
The British infantry hiding behind their tanks but leave their artillery exposed on their extreme left flank
The German tanks and artillery wipe out the British tanks with some smoking help from the Italians determined to slow what remained of the British tanks
The German infantry surge towards the village after dismounting from their trucks
The British unleash aerial bombardment on the panzers that leaves one of the nazis finest tanks in ruins
The Aussies react to the Germans taking the village and surge forward in search of fascist scum and maybe some cartons of piss (translation: boxes of beer)
Combat as the Aussies punish the German infantry for forgetting beer.  The punishment was brutal and the Germans fell back in the hope the Italians would not switch sides.
 Italian support eventually drives the Aussies back - the bad guys consolidate in the village
Although they thought they were safe, combined allied fire takes out the Germans inside and out (this may have been the only time our opponents agreed on a plan to halt our advance). The Italians meanwhile are safe and enjoy a coffee and some pizza while watching the carnage
On the last turn, a double headed aerial bombardment fails to inflict enough damage to save the allied force from a punishing defeat.