Monday, 26 October 2015

New dwarf lord and shield bearers

Here is my new dwarf lord on keg with drunks aka on shield with bearers.

The lord is the Bugman mini from his bar at warhammer world one of my bros bought me back from his visit there.

The drunks are from the best dwarf range that still comes in metal, black tree design:

 it's not a crime to stomp elves whist drunk
Hurray for Bugman's 6X

For all of those gen x's that remember when dwarfs were short, stout, hairy and drunk, black tree keep the dream alive compared to GW's rather lacklustre non plastic range.  Although I am a fan of the new GW plastic hammerers, nothing beats an army that not only hits like a tonne of bricks but also weighs a tonne of bricks.

Therefore my dwarf army is made up of mainly black tree dwarfs who fit in nicely with most dwarfs from 4th to 7th edition before GW sent them to be "man-scaped" - seriously when did slayers drop the barrel chests and beer bellies for abs to grate cheese on!

Check out the rest of the black tree range of dwarfs here:

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Is this the most aggressive dwarf list you have ever seen?

My enjoyment of 8th edition has not been dulled by the attack that has been the Age of Sigmar and after re-reading the dwarf army book I was inspired to make a new list based on the fluff and new rules from this short lived army book.

Unlike most editions of the dwarf army books, the 8th edition seemed to emphasise that after many years of being on the back foot as one of the dying elder races, the dwarfs were reemerging to take back what was theirs.

The resolute (+1 strength on the charge) and shield wall (+1 to parry saves) rules and to a lesser extent ancestral grudge, plus the fluff pointing to the dwarfs taking the fight to their various assailants plus the new Strollaz rune (unit gains vanguard) meant I could put together a dwarf list that would overcome their short but stout legs.  No longer would I have to be 24 inches away at the start of the game and rely on war machines to whittle the enemy down in preparation for their inevitable charge on me.

As you can see from the below list, every unit that can take the Strollaz rune takes it whilst the miners invest in a steam drill to help with those important ambush rolls.  The only war machine is the gyrocopter that is upgraded to have the vanguard rule too.

Although I do not expect to get off the first charges, I do expect most of the units to survive a charge and then drive the enemy back ready for counter charges by me with the strength bonuses.  

The characters all have their roll to play.  The lord is with the longbeards and is tooled to survive most attacks with the bsb also there for magic defence alongside Bugman and his trusty booze to help out and regain wounds.

The rune smith is with the hammerers to protect flanks and/ or charge as their staying power is legendary.

The dragon slayer is with the slayers whose plan is to target and bait the big nasties to die in the most glorious manner possible.

The gyro is used to surge forward and where possible cause grief and whew possible disrupt enemy lines, steam burn war machine crews etc.  Expectations are always low but they are useful for drawing out fanatics which I will talk about in my summary of the first game with this list.

The miners will disrupt the enemy from the sides or rear whilst the glorious dwarfs surge forward.  What could go wrong?

The list thanks to battle scribes:

Lord (263pts) [Shield (3pts), Shieldbearers (40pts)]
Rules: Ancestral Grudge, Relentless, Resolute, Shieldbearers, Shieldwall
Ancestral Heirlooms and Runes (75pts) [Rune of Cleaving (1st rune) (10pts), Rune of Cleaving (2nd rune) (25pts), Rune of the Furnace (5pts), Rune of Warding (1st rune) (15pts), Rune of Warding (2nd rune) (20pts)]
Rules: Rune of Cleaving, Rune of the Furnace, Rune of Warding

Dragon Slayer (140pts)
Rules: Ancestral Grudge, Deathblow, Dragon Slayer, Relentless, Resolute, Slayer, Slayer Axes, Slayer Cult, Unbreakable
Runes (70pts) [Rune of Fire (1st rune) (10pts), Rune of Might (1st rune) (25pts), Rune of Might (2nd rune) (35pts)]
Rules: Rune of Fire, Rune of Might

Josef Bugman (165pts) [AB - Bugman's Tankard, AB - Ol' Trustworthy]
Rules: Ancestral Grudge, Bugman's Rangers, Liquid Fortification, Relentless, Resolute, Scouts, Stout Courage

Runesmith (103pts) [Shield (3pts)]
Rules: Ancestral Grudge, Armour Piercing, Forgefire, Magic Resistance (*), Relentless, Resolute, Rune Lore, Shieldwall
Ancestral Heirlooms and Runes (40pts) [Rune of Spellbreaking (1st rune) (25pts), Rune of Warding (1st rune) (15pts)]
Rules: Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Warding

Thane (158pts) [Ancestral Heirlooms and Runes, Shield (3pts)]
Rules: Ancestral Grudge, Relentless, Resolute, Shieldwall
Battle Standard Bearer (90pts) [Master Rune of Valaya (65pts)]
Rules: Master Rune of Valaya

+ Core (620pts) +

Longbeards (620pts) [Champion (10pts), Musician (10pts)]
Rules: Ancestral Grudge, Immune to Psychology, Old Grumblers, Relentless, Resolute, Shieldwall
37x Longbeard (555pts) [37x Great Weapons (74pts), 37x Shields (37pts)]
Standard Bearer (45pts) [Strollaz' Rune (35pts)]
Rules: Strollaz' Rune

+ Special (949pts) +

Gyrocopter (100pts) [Steam Gun, Vanguard (20pts)]
Rules: Ancestral Grudge, Armoured Copter, Dive Bomb, Fly, Relentless, Vanguard (FAQ'ed)

Hammerers (385pts) [Champion (10pts), Musician (10pts)]
Rules: Ancestral Grudge, Kingsguard, Relentless, Resolute, Shieldwall, Stubborn
19x Hammerer (285pts) [19x Shields (19pts)]
Standard Bearer (80pts) [Rune of Battle (1st rune) (35pts), Strollaz' Rune (35pts)]
Rules: Rune of Battle, Strollaz' Rune

Miners (205pts) [15x Miner (150pts), Musician (10pts), Standard Bearer (10pts)]
Rules: Ancestral Grudge, Relentless, Resolute, Underground Advance
Champion (35pts) [Steam Drill (25pts)]
Rules: Steam Drill

Slayers (259pts) [Musician (10pts), 17x Slayer (204pts)]
Rules: Ancestral Grudge, Deathblow, Relentless, Resolute, Slayer, Slayer Axes, Slayer Cult, Unbreakable
Standard Bearer (45pts) [Strollaz' Rune (35pts)]
Rules: Strollaz' Rune

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