Saturday, 16 March 2019

Mongoblin command group

Painting has been a bit slow of late but at least I have assembled the Mongoblin command group.

The head of the champion comes from Ghazak himself with the muso from one of wolf boys using magic mould.  The other heads are the most Mongoblin from the goblin wolf riders.

The unit will be finished after these dudes and then I turn to the next project being World War Two Japanese as part of a Malay campaign.

In between shouts of banzai and shots of sake I will also get into my disciples of lugar for infernal dwarfs.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

More multi based Mongoblins

Next two bases are now completed.

The heads came from Oglah khan's wolf boys using magic mould and a couple from the excellent goblin wolf rider kit.  As the goal is to reflect the mult goblin / racial approach of the mighty Hobgobla Khan I like the variation in the unit.

Next up will be the command miniatures.