Friday, 4 January 2019

Mongoblins test miniatures

Inspired by the mighty Ghazak Khan and Oglah Khan's wolfboys miniatures I always wanted my own version of Mongol inspired hobgoblin infantry.

Thanks to those excellent chaps at fireforge games and their mighty Mongol sets I decided to try my hand at achieving some unique infantry.  The set has enough bodies for 24 bros with a range of weapon options.  As I have a heap of archers and sneaky gits I wanted to have a unit of spearmen.

I also have a fairly sizeable collection of Ghazak and Oglah's bros but now needed to explore options for heads.

Hobgoblins have a different nose and a longer head compared to other goblins so early attempts as converting existing heads had less than acceptable results.

Finally, I decided to try the Magic mould approach.  This would result in me achieving the face/  front of the head but thanks to the fireforge separate hats that are included there was no need for most of the dudes to have a back of the head.  Only one required a bit of extra conversion to ensure the mould was not visible.

The fireforge set has two spears per sprue of four bodies so extra spear arms were donated from the night goblin sprue.  The shields are from the beastmen set and have a suitable feral feel for these dudes who will often be the first to die before the valuable infernal dwarfs come into contact with the enemy.

The next couple of dudes will have suitable moustaches for those coming from the steppe but I wanted to get the test dudes done as soon as possible.

I am pretty happy how these turned out and with a bit of extra care on the magic mould faces I will have a unique unit.  Beware the Mongoblins.