Friday, 14 December 2018

Hellcannon crew finally achieve big hat status

Thanks to the excellent admiral from Admiralty miniatures the great crime of there being no big hats for the hellcannon crew has been corrected.

The conversion kit provides excellent options to make the skull faced no hats great again.

Below demonstrates how effective this kit is so do yourself a favour and declare death to the skull faced no hats thanks to the mighty admiralty miniatures.

Big hat slave orcs

Finally finished this space Orc unit for my infernal dwarf army.

Slave orcs may not be able to take a banner but my standard showing his allegiance to the mighty Slaver could not be ignored.

The orcs are the old GW set with mono pose plastic chaos dwarfs supplying the hats except one which I made using the Magic mould stuff.

I don't know how they play out game wise (it's been way too long since a 9th age game for me) but at least they look cool which is what is most important.