Saturday, 5 December 2015

Napoleon dwarf from scibor miniatures

This is my dwarf napoleon from scibor miniatures.

Since I have sold my squats this dude will be the little known heir of napoleon who led a force of French soldiers during the early days of World War One.

Historical accuracy aside I am looking forward to getting him into the mud of blood of Flanders and push back the Hun menace.

New dwarf BSB and Helga

This is my latest dwarf BSB.

He is a slight conversion from the so called fine cast dwarf who kept breaking his right hand fingers.  Thanks to our old friend Dremel the hand was removed and replaced with a dwarf hammer hand.

I usually equip him with the master rune of valaya to keep the magic protection up for my dwarf bros.
Next up is a slight repaint on an old Helga mini I picked up from one of my bros. It's a classic mini and well worth hunting down.

She has had her clothes slightly repainted to match the blue of my other bros and a shield from some of the other black tree design dwarfs.