Friday, 15 November 2019

Gunnery team and unit filler

Brought to you from the bros at Admiralty Miniatures I purchased this gunnery team when I ordered a heap of their big hats.

The team cones with plenty of hat options themselves and a couple of different options for the shoulder mount of a gun or a large death rocket. The crew member holds a slighter smaller version of the death rocket.

It’s a mighty fine mini and fits in with classic big hats or the various other infernal dwarfs on the market.

The next miniature is from Lost Kingdom and is a good representation of our bull god so it becomes a unit filler for my immortals.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

New Kadim Incarnate

After getting sick of pale flesh I decided to try a fire/ lava look for a Kadim Incarnate.

Given their volcanic embrace special rule this seemed more appropriate than my usual pale flesh infernal dwarves skin.

Am happy with the finish so the rest of them will be painted up with the same scheme.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Slipknot necromunda gang

A few years ago a friend decided to get back into necromunda. Now this was the original game not the latest version from GW.

As usual I jumped at the chance to purchase more mins and play a new game.

Similarly, I searched for non GW minis and came across some awesome dwarfs from foundry from their street violence range. Unfortunately, at the time the range was limited to only four of the original minis that were released for a short time as part of their Alice and the slippery dwarfs set (see below pic).

Not to worry I raided my bits box and came up with enough conversions to represent the 9 members of the band with their masks from the first couple of albums.

In game terms I used them as from House Cawdor as it seemed the most appropriate.

I had a couple of spare minis so came up with some generic paint schemes which after twenty years resemble more recent masks of the band.

The best news is Foundry has now released a revised set of these great minis for you to have your own set.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Updating infernal dwarfs

The current incarnation of my infernal dwarfs has slightly adapted the look of the army over the last ten odd years.

Most important is the colour of the curly beards. Earlier versions had more of a grey beard whilst the newer ones are more white. The other was the bases which have swapped from mainly snow with a few odd rocks to mainly rock based.

The other change was to shorten the great weapon of the citadel guard to be hand weapons. This was the only option for troops I was missing in this army so although it always hurts to cut a miniature (especially as these are the legendary Zonkcast dudes) it was a necessary cut. The axes look very cool as a hand weapon and I have a one day tournament coming up using these bros.

Below is the two units needed some slight tweaks to their beards, axes and bases. Really happy with the finished result.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

More Disciples of Lugar

Six more disciples of Lugar have now been finished bringing me up to 12 in total.

I sculpted the curly beard and added the necessary big hat to the standard and added a banner from the reworked classic banners available on Chaos dwarfs online.

Although these guys have the existing avatars of war heads with sculpted noses, big hats and horns added, the next batch will have heads from lost kingdom miniatures. A work in progress follows the finished disciples of the unit’s musician that has the drum set from the GW marauder plastic infantry.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Golden hat entry

Another golden hat has come and come with the winners here.

All the amazing entries are here.

I decided to send a message of my allegiance to the square base and the 9th Age.

My favourite miniatures: Chaos Sorcerer

Looking for that evil sorcerer to lead your northern invaders then look no further than this bro.

Released at the tail end of the 80s I always thought this dude captured the essence of how a sorcerer would look after selling their soul to the dark gods.

I painted him in Nurgle colours as that seemed appropriate although I have seen him painted as if he could join the Nazgul.