Tuesday, 26 February 2019

9th Age Battle Report - Infernals dwarves vs Beast herds

After a long break between drinks it was time for a gold edition game of the 9th age.

I ran a character heavy list as follows:
      • Overlord [505pts]

        Selections: Army General, Shield [5pts]
        • Special Equipment [230pts]

          Selections: Death Cheater [100pts], Lucky Charm [10pts], Onyx Core [120pts]
      • Prophet [510pts]

        Selections: Alchemy, Infernal Weapon [15pts], Master [265pts], Wizard [160pts]
        • Special Equipment [70pts]

          Selections: Destiny's Call - Standard Size only [70pts]
      • Vizier [360pts]

        Selections: Battle Standard Bearer [50pts], Blunderbuss (3+) [15pts], Infernal Weapon [25pts], Shield [5pts]
        • Special Equipment [140pts]

          Selections: Ghostly Guard [40pts], Icon of the Inferno - Cannot be Taken by Core [100pts]
      • Hobgoblins [270pts]

        Selections: Backstabbers [69pts], Champion [20pts], 23x Hobgoblin [161pts], Musician [20pts], Standard Bearer [20pts]
      • Infernal Warriors with Blunderbuss [632pts]

        Selections: Champion [20pts], 27x Infernal Warrior [540pts], Musician [20pts], Shields [27pts], Standard Bearer [20pts]
      • Orc Slaves [225pts]

        Selections: Musician [20pts], 25x Orc Slave [200pts], Paired Weapons [50pts]
      • Immortals [637pts]

        Selections: Champion [20pts], Flaming Standard [35pts], 21x Immortal [588pts], Infernal Weapon [42pts], Musician [20pts], Shield [42pts], Standard Bearer [20pts]
      • Taurukh [333pts]

        Selections: Flaming Standard [35pts], Infernal Weapon [40pts], Shields [16pts], Standard Bearer [20pts], 8x Taurukh [192pts]
      • Taurukh Anointed [725pts]

        Selections: Champion [20pts], Infernal Weapon [90pts], Musician [20pts], Shields [50pts], 5x Taurukh Anointed [525pts]
      • Titan Mortar [300pts]

        Selections: Ogre Slave Crew

Created with BattleScribe

Going character heavy was intended to try out which build of the general I preferred - overlord or prophet.

My opponent ran a couple of beastmen units, chariots, a big block of minotaurs and one of each of the nasty monsters.

The game was a back and forth struggle with the beast monster and dogs hitting the blunderbuss with the prophet and bsb.  Took a few turns and lots of magic buffs eventually took down the big guy.

The immortals with the overlord withstood the front charge of the minotaurs and ousted them back only to later be hit again in the front and the flank by the chariots who had used the backstabbers as a speed bump. The immortals fled and were wiped out when I failed leadership check on ten twice by rolling eleven twice!

The Titan mortar did not hit much during the game which was disappointing.  The Orc slaves look cool but ran off when they had a chance to shine.

The little Taurukhs did not do much and the bigger versions who scared off the centaurs early in the game eventually made it around the board to charge the Shaman only to then be hit by the rock throwing monster.

We called it quits there but MVP went to the blunderbuss unit with the prophet and BSB.  The alchemy buffs made this unit pretty resilient and I was super impressed by how devastating their blunderbuss are in the shooting phase.

The immortals with the overlord withstood a Minotaur charge and pushed them back but could not catch them.

I think my next version of the list will include wolf riders as chaff and probably some more infantry units.

In the battle for the general I think I will drop the overlord and go the prophet with the points saved to add some more warmachines.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Multi based Mongoblins

After the successful first batch of Mongoblins I decided to multi base the next miniatures.

The key lesson from the first batch was to assemble the body and arms then attach the head.  For the head to attach best I glue the head to the hat/ helmet and when dry attach to the body.  Although the head is really only a face, the hats hide most of this and this approach allows the rear of the hat to attach to the stoop of the back.

Maintaining a stoop is of course an important trait for hobgoblins as it is inevitable his most trusted allies will attempt to lodge a kinife or two in his back at some point.  

I found the multi basing also sped up the painting with two bases done together.  I did not find the close proximity of the minis resulted in any difficulty with painting or basing.  I also expect these bros to die pretty quickly in games so the multi basing will assist in removing casualties.

The fireforge box comes with 24 bodies so with these two bases complete I am half way through.

Next on the hobby desk is more Mongoblins but this time the heads comes from Oglah Khan's wolf boys.  The heads are a little different with a different nose compared to the other hobgoblins.

Consistent with the practice of the Mongol horde where captured forces and other combatants were absorbed into the army with traditional family or ethnic differences broken within the army composition at a unit level.

The Mongoblins will reflect this by the different heads that will be used throughout the unit.  Below are the first minis using Oglah's boys heads. These bros have a pretty cool moustache so will be interested to see how the Magic mould brings out the detail.  The other difference is I managed to keep some of the ears on one of the mounds which with a little bit of tweaking can fit outside of the hat.