Saturday, 27 August 2016

Fantastic Great War blog post

Check out this great post set in Bagamayo 1916

Really inspiring to see a sea land battle fought out.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Battle Report Late War Germans vs Russians

It was the second outing for my draft Russian list wih this time incorporating core units of conscripts as compulsory who were subject to the new Collective Seeds of Rebelln rule.

My opponent Troy took a late war German list which was always going to be outnumbered by my conscripts but would outnumber me in the artillery stakes.

This list I chose included two conscript companies and with three and two platoons respectively, a cavalry company with command and two cavalry troops of nine each, a medium field gun, a HMG and the obligatory Batallion command (made up of the excellent west wind Romanov holiday set).

Approximately 837 points under my draft army list.

The Germans went artillery and hmg heavy with a couple of platoons of old boys who decided it was better to look after their chums with the big guns than volunteer for the storm trooper batallions.

With the wind at their backs the Russians sally forth with only one failing their rebellion test.

The Germans consolidate their positions within the two homesteads and await the advance of the unruly conscripted Russians 
The Russians on their far right decide singing revolutionary songs was better than advancing into the teeth of the German menace

Forward you conscripts 
A devastating German hmg attack whittles the Russian (French substituting) cavalry troop but survives the required morale check

The second cavalry troop make it through the firestorm to defeat the Hun hiding behind the hedge only to be left exposed to a German counter attack
Revenge on the last trooper is served with a side of sour kraut
The Russians seek the protection of the hedge - it won't save them from the two hmgs lurking in the forest on their far right 
 The advance on the Russian left flank has faltered so the Germans advance

Likewise the Russian conscripts on the right and the centre are either fleeing or no longer in a position to threaten the other village so the Germans advance over the stone walls 
The second conscript platoon command ponder the loss of the left flank from the safety of the forest

The Germans continue to advance in the absence of Russian opposition 

The German artillery send a couple of shells over the head of their victorious infantry

From the safety of the village the German high command celebrate the decimation of the Russians 
Another fantastic game but I made a couple of mistakes on my draft rules as well as some other basic mistakes - I need to be released to play this game more so I don't make so many mistakes I keep telling my Wife.

The final result was a clear German victory as they held their nerve to let the artillery and rifle fire do what they do best and the Russians fell and or fled with only one unit of cavalry making contact with the Hun.

My opponent Troy is not only a top bloke but also has some of the best Great War Germans you will find on any table top.  My apologies for the under coated dudes and the blurry pics but things will get better in future reports