Friday, 28 September 2018

My favourite miniatures - Greater Daemon of Slaanesh

This is the first greater daemon of Slaanesh I remember being released and is one of my favourite minis of all time.

This range was not constricted by GW's current pg rating and captures the pleasure and pain aspect of the slaves to darkness era. I guess you could say this mini also pre dated the cisgender definition that we now use.

Paint job was done about ten years ago inspired by a 40k Slaanesh force in an old white dwarf.

Play style wise I used him/ her throughout 7th and 8th edition as a combo magic lord and combat monster before the times of end ruined the old world.  The combination of the old Slaanesh spells and a couple of nasty upgrades made him/ her hard to kill if I made it into combat but I have lost count of the number of times he/ she received cannon balls to the face.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Artisans context XXV entry and winner

The ever awesome chaos / infernal dwarf community comes together thanks to the mighty Chaos dwarfs online.

Apart from your one stop shop for all your big hat needs, it's the awesome competitions Thant really set this community ahead of most other hobby sites.

The most recent competition was artisan's XXV.

The theme was slaves so I took the opportunity to introduce the world to the heaviest and most brutal sub genre of heavy metal - Slave Metal \m/ \m/

And here it is from the plains of zharr I give you SLAVER.

The band comprises of the classic Goff Rockers from GW sourced from a recast mob as unfortunately the evil empire has ceased their production.

The drummer / slave master is a converted blood bowl blocker.

The crowd are plastic Orc boys from GW with hats provided by the old one pose plastic chaos dwarfs.  

My entry is below which I am very thankful was voted as the winning entry.

The inspiration for my entry came after a few gin and tonics and some live manowar on YouTube. 

Seeing the flags in the crowd made me think that even if I could source the band, I definitely needed some rabid fans and there is none more rabid than a mosh pit of green skins. 

I even managed to sneak in some crowd surfing action with a couple of armed orcs.

The motto of Slaver is "other bands play we kill" which is a tribute to the kings of metal, manowar.

Had a blast making these dudes and I have already started on more orc fans for the band.

Next are some more random pics of the mighty SLAVER.