Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Scenery work in progress

After converting and painting close to 40 hobgoblin blood bowl dudes into archers I decided it was time for some scenery creation.

I tend to have a generic gothic style of creating and painting ruined buildings which I can use across WFB, 40k and Great War games.  These two I created using loads of corflute and a combination of pva glue and lots of sand.  Painting was pretty straight forward with a black undercoat and then various shades of grey dry brush.  Extras such as flock and some browns here and there were used to give off the weathered/ deserted look I hoped for.

They have proven versatile but I have now decided to make a bigger piece - it is inspired by a factory ruin but when adding the pop stick flooring it started to resemble a church.  I am using foam board for the walls on a corflute base but this time the walls will be covered in some textured paint for a rendered finish.  Painting will be again black with scaled up lightness of greys.

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