Sunday, 8 June 2014

2200 point one day Tournament report - a tale of woe

Well Lord Zanthrax will not be happy with the results of his underling Lord Zorgoroth from the sudden encounters 2200 tournament.

I forgot to take photos from most games so will try and hunt down and edit this post.

My list

Sorcerer prophet level 4 hashut talisman of protection crown of command 
Bsb great weapon mask of the furnace
Hobgoblin khan on wolf dragon bane gem wound on 5+ sword

29 infernal guard blunderbuss full command 
20 infernal guard great weapons banner of eternal flame full command
20 hobgoblin archers with shields and muso

Kdaii destroyer 

Game 1 Troy with empire blood and glory

My buddy Troy was running his empire with priest on the alter, bsb on a steed, level 4 light wizard, big unit of knights, spearment, 4 demigriffs, 2 units of archers and their obligatory cannon and steam tank.
The kdaai destroyers got the whole world in his hands. 

This was a great fun game with the cannon wounding the kdaai followed by the magic enhanced knights cleaning up his last wounds.  I then ash stormed the knights as they overran into the flaming great weapon warriors. The knights fled from combat and then continued to flee off the board.

Flammable knight bus flees from the flaming eternal guard.

 The blunderbuss blew the demis away.  Hellcannon died.  Stank failed to make any charges.

10 all draw.  Great fun as usual with lots of inappropriate comments worthy of the Point hammered podcast.

Game 2 Lee skaven battle for the pass 
Grey Seer
Several Engineers 
Plague monk
2-3 units of slaves
Unit of storm vermin
Plague furnace and horde of plague monks
2 doom wheels
2 units of scouting slinger
Flame thrower

Lee  targeted the kdaai with his doom wheels firing so I did the big charge into the plague dudes and took out a few before the doom wheels flank charged and took him down.  That's when everything went to crap with the plague spells tearing through my ranks and managing to fail a rerollable 10 ld check and fled.  The bsb and his warriors died.  Hellcannon was locked in combat with the a bomb but survived along with the archers.

4 - 16 loss.  Another good game with my ability to turn a respectable loss into a pantsing proven to be my undoing. 

Game 3 Ghi skaven dawn attack

Grey seer on bell in huge storm vermin unit
Unit of clan rats with engineer and two man bomber things
Some rat swarms
2 zapper cannons
6 rat ogres
A bomb

This was the kdaai's moment in the sun after being zapped down to one wound he charged and ran down the a bomb which made the the rogres flee through the zapper and off the board.  The kdaai then made a heap of dangerous terrain tests, avoided being shot by everything the skaven had and then took out both zappers.  He was living a truly charmed life on his final wound and was the difference between a win and a loss.

The kdaai with one wound contemplates the sheer amount of dangerous terrain and skaven zapping coming his way once he deals with the a bomb in his way.

Bsbs unit was magicked to death and the archers deserve dishonourable mention for fleeing from combat by two units of rat swarms- off to the slave pit for those bros.

Hellcannon, Zorgoroth and his blunderbuss and the mighty one wound kdaai lives!

11 - 9 win.

Game 4 Nathan high elves battle-line

Anointed on foot, level 4 high Mage
Bsb dawn stone and 2+ save against flaming
Silver helms 
Big unit of white lions
Some archers
2 lots of five readers 
2 frosties 

Kdaai goes hard early and get corner charged by the silver helms with the bsb on the corner who saves everything.  Bsb and warriors miss their charge to help him out and in turn get flanked by frosty no. 1.  Silver helms and anointed charge into kdaai who decides it is time to stomp the living daylight out of some elves.  Silver helms flee while kdaai kills all the white lions and their lord buddy.

Frosty no. 2 charges the sorcerer lord and blunderbuss who do nothing but die.  Lord kills himself thanks to his dark forged weapon - possessed.

Kdaai survives along with the hellcannon and those damn archers.

9 - 11 loss but I had a cracker of a time laughing with Nathan as our bros kicked the crap out of each other.  

Overall I was very impressed by the tournament- well run with food and drink provided and played on nice looking tables.  The venue had enough room between tables so as to not feel cramped in so all in all an excellent way to spend a Saturday so well done to the krags crew.

I achieved 34 battle points for 16th place, equal 6th for painting (must have been the giant robot/ iron monger/ kdaai destroyer and 2nd for sports for an overall 11th.  Lord Zorgoroth will return again next year to make amends for his failure.

Lessons learnt:

I think my list needs some work.  This is my second tourney where skaven magic has torn through my units. If I run the big blunderbuss unit they need some magic resistance for some saves.

However, at 2200 points my 29 blunderbuss was a huge chunk of my points so I think next time I will drop them in such size tournaments and invest in a smaller unit of fireglaives.  The magma cannon will be included but I am not going to give up on the hellcannon yet. 

"Hey you hairy bastard, don't you even think about dropping us from your list!" 

That leaves the kdaai destroyer - in two games he contributed very little apart from being a big target and in the other two games he well and truly put in man of the match performances.

For the next tournament I plan on dropping him for a while.  I will instead try the skull cracker (another cannon ball target) with the aforementioned fireglaives, a bigger infernal guard bunker for the bsb and maybe a horde of hobgoblins with a hobgoblin khan to lead.  Then there is my favourite unit of oglah khan's wolfboys- as usual too many choices and so few points.


  1. Cheers for the game mate :) First time against Chaos Dwarfs (Dwarves?) so good learning experience for me! Hope you got a chance to check out the black sun boys.

  2. No worries bro was a ripper of a game. The black sun boys are great thanks for the heads up.