Thursday, 9 July 2015

Photos from recent WFB game

A few weeks ago me and a couple of bros had a team game.  2000 points each.

I took the mighty chaos dwarfs:
Sorcerer-Prophet (420pts)  Armour of Bazherak the Cruel, Blood of Hashut , BRB - Talisman of Preservation, Level 4 Wizard, Lore of Hashut, Pistol

Hobgoblin Khan (80pts) Potion of Toughness, Giant Wolf , Light Armour , Shield , Spear 

Hobgoblin Khan (64pts)  Potion of Strength, Light Armour , Shield  

Infernal Castellan (207pts) The Mask of the Furnace, Battle Standard Bearer , BRB - Ironcurse Icon, Great weapon, Shield
40 Hobgoblin Cutthroats (232pts) [Musician, Standard Bearer, Bow, Shields

22 Infernal Guard (331pts) Deathmask, Musician, Standard Bearer War Banner 

Iron Deamon War Engine (340pts) [Hellbound, Skullcracker] 

Hellcannon (210pts) 
7 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders (116pts) Musician , Standard Bearer, Wolf Boss] Spears 

My bro Simon was rocking a fully mobile beastmen army:

2 x Minotaur lords.   One on magic carpet and one with 1+ rerollable armour save who gains an extra attack for each successful save.
8 x chariots, 1 with BSB
2 units of 2 razorgor
2 units of scouting harpies. 
Lvl 2 wizard on foot. (Dispel scroll)

Our armies were kind of opposite but we up against a mobile empire and ogres with a couple of stone horns, mournfang and a couple of ogre blocks.

The chaos dwarfs and a couple of chariots ready to roll - well the chariots and the iron daemon anyway.

Hobgoblins get some brown pants when they see the size of he inner circle knights in front of them.
The beast chariots start their engines in the target rich environment of mournfang, demigriffs and bulls.
Hobgoblin wolf raiders prepare to control the extreme right flank.
And promptly fail their animosity test and flee of the board- at least they look good
The hobgoblins go long range on the stone horn who is already wounded thanks to the hell cannon needing 6s to wound.
The stone horn dies to the hobgoblin horde bow fire
The iron daemon smashes into the empire bowmen leaving a bloody mess
Later on the iron daemon crashes into the knight bus who held but the next turn saw the hobgoblins rear charge the knigts who flee from the combat.
Overall we had a blast with the slow moving chaos dwarfs letting the beatmen chariots charge and soften up the empire and ogre.
True to the dawi zharr way the beasts were slaughtered before we moved in for the kill. 
A fantastic game with a great bunch of bros.

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