Friday, 27 April 2018

Infernal engine and citadel guard with flintlock axe

Finally finished my second infernal engine. You can find pictures of my first with its custom death Rolla here.

This miniature is one of Forge World's finest so is a worthy edition to my favourite miniature collection.

In game terms I have only used the steam hammer version so am looking forward to my next game where I will see how the shrapnel guns go.

What made this mini easier to paint was a strong undercoat of a copper from tamaya that combined nicely with the Hashut copper (main colour) with mithrill silver (highlights) and a flesh wash I use.

Next up is another of the zonk miniatures that I have converted to be a citadel guard armed with a flintlock axe.

The halberd is from the tomb King chariot.

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