Wednesday, 11 September 2013

2000 Point Tournament List

I have toyed around with a couple of tournament lists but always try to take a competitive list but one that is not going to put future opponents agreeing to future friendly games.

This was a list I took to a 2000 point tournament last year which although small was good fun to use.  Four games in one day with no restrictions or comp restrictions or penalties.

My list

Level 4 Daemonsmith Sorcerer - blood of Hashut, enchanted shield, talisman of preservation and crown of command and lore of Hashut Infernal Castellan Bsb with mask of furnace 22 Infernal guard – great weapons, shields and full command with the banner of eternal flame 29 blunderbuss with full command Magma cannon Kdaai destroyer

Game 1 warriors of chaos- using the old book as the new one was too recent saw the return of the marauder hordes, lots of marauder horse and skull crushers.  Great game but I was smashed 20/0 and the only bright part was using magic to take out the bsb leading a marauder cav unit.
Game 2 ogres- 3 sabre tusk redirectors, ogre block with butcher, stone horn with hunter and 2 other stone horns (yes 3 stone horns in one 2000 point army)
Big 18/2 win for me as a stone horn charged the destroyer who killed it in the first round and then managed to get the 2nd one too.  At this point he went for his third but before he could get there it was killed by my warriors.  
Game 3 high elves- lots of swordmasters, archers, eagles and a unit of silver helms.  Destroyer led from the front and was charged by some sword masters with a hero with dragon armour- big mistake as the destroyer ripped them apart and then chased everything else whilst the blunderbuss and warriors cleaned up the rest.
19/ 1 win for the big hats 
Game 4 ogres- destroyer gets charged by bull block and stone horn - 2 rounds of combat the bulls are running with the stone horn which get caught by the destroyer - I think he likes stone horn meat!
I turned the tyrant's ogre block flammable and the magma cannon soften them up with 18 wounds in one shot!  Destroyer and flaming warriors do the rest.  Blunderbuss take out some mournfang and it’s a 20/0 win for me.
Lessons learnt
With only 4 deployments I kept my destroyer back a little and avoided compulsory frenzy charges by being close to lord and bsb.  I also used him to draw out big units and either made them flammable or gave him hatred.  He ripped them apart and generally only took wounds due to burning bright.
Blunderbuss were deadly but when I was outflanked such as in the first game even stubborn did not save me.
Warriors were solid with flaming great weapons and the bsb providing some back up.
Using our lore of Hashut was great and when combined with the magma cannon lots of ogres burned!  
I ended up fifth overall which I was happy with as I had not played this list before.

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