Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Return of the mighty Heroquest

Like many gamers one of my first experiences with miniature gaming was through a fantastic game produced by games workshop and Milton Bradley called Heroquest.  

Here is a youtube link to the great ad for the game: http://youtu.be/FY_YRatOInA

Although i never actually remember using "fire of wrath" is was a great game will cool miniatures and accessories.

Anyway the good news which has been reported around is that a Spanish company is to release a new version in time for the originals 25th anniversary.

The following is from a Spanish fan site:

- Spanish company GameZone will create a new heroquest 25th aniversary edition.
- They have distribution rights to Spain but not to other countries, but they will release the game in multiple languages and there are plenty of spanish online shops with worldwide shipment.
- They may use a crowdfunding campaign but it's not confirmed.
- There will be initially four heroes in male and female versions.
- Furniture and tokens will be all in 3D (resin) instead of cardboard.
- The board will be reversible (two in one).
- There won't be fimirs, but there will be equivalent reptilian creatures.
- It won't be overly expensive (in line with Descent V2).

Great news.

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