Sunday, 19 July 2015

My non-rage quit email to GW CEO

Below is my email to Kevin Rountree CEO of GW.

It was quite cathartic to write and send.  I doubt I will get a reply but I did manage to get a couple of references to the mighty chaos dwarfs in.

Dear sir

First let me introduce myself, my name is Hayden and I have been playing GW games since 1989.  This email may be unlike many you have received recently with your decision to end Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WFB) and introduce the Age of sigmar, in that I wish to thank you and all the GW staff for your efforts over the last two and a half decades of enjoyment your games have provided me.

However, like in many relationships I think it is time we had a break.  This is not a rage quit but as I have said above it is to say thank you as I now realise I was part of the decision making that led to end of my beloved WFB.  The last new miniatures I purchased were the spectacular chaos dwarf war machines from warhammer forge.  It is my love of chaos dwarfs and my existing nine (yes nine) WFB armies that I did not continue to purchase new miniatures apart from the aforementioned chaos dwarf war machines, and instead searched second hand forums and eBay for other classic relics of the 90s and early 2000s for my collections.

I am not alone it would appear the reluctance of many in the WFB community to continue to purchase and replace their miniature collection that instead of a slow and painful death of a thousand cuts, death came quick for WFB through the end times books.  This is understandable, GW is not a co-op but a company with share holders to answer to.  I have accepted this reality and in fact after I remove the emotion of my investment in the old world, it does make perfect sense to reboot a game in an attempt to gain a new fan base who it is assumed will be more prepared to enter the game as it will involve less miniatures with less complicated rules.

I however, have decided to take a break and will not be purchasing or even downloading this game at this time.  Perhaps in the future I may but as I have come to realise my actions contributed to WFB's death I will focus on finishing collecting, modelling and painting my big hat era chaos dwarf army.  I waited over ten years for the tamurkhan book for an official chaos dwarf army list so I am sure I have the patience to survive a break.  I hope you can too.

So finally after 20 odd years, countless games with friends of WFB, the high and lows of tournament games, unfair prices for Australian and New Zealand customers, fine cast and now finally the age of sigmar it is time for me to take a deep breath away from active GW participation. 

I wish you and all GW staff the best for the age of sigmar and perhaps we all may be pleasantly surprised that the WFB community will keep 8th edition alive as it truly was the best version of the game I have ever played.

Feel free to write me back as I hope you find this email from one middle aged WFB fan in Australia worthy of your time.

Best regards

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  1. Wow that was far nicer than I expected. AOS is a crap game come over to Kings of war they have Choas dwarves there two my friend.

    YP ;)